How to Join the Muddy River Mashers

So, you want to join the Muddy River Mashers. Well of course you do! Joining the Mashers is FREE, simple, and no obligation! To become a member just sign email us at muddyrivermashers@gmail.com to get added to our mailing list.

Meetings begin at 7pm and the location moves around so watch the calendar and our Facebook Page.. We send Event Reminders for meetings out the Tuesday before the meeting. If you're a homebrewer or interested in learning more about brewing come join us for a fun time.




That's okay! You're still more than welcome to join the online community. 


What can I do on the website?


Well, share your brewing experiences, questions, and knowledge with others. You can do this by posting a question in the forum. Post a photo of your brew setup in the photo gallery. Blog about a brewery trip you went on. Most importantly watch and share events on the calendar. If you know of a local beer tasting event, add it to the calendar. If you're going to be brewing and you want people to come over and participate, create an event on the calendar. Basically anything you want to share, you can share it here. Heck, even if you just cracked open a bottle of homebrew, brag about it on your newsfeed.  Oh, and don't forget to add your vital stats to your profile.