Founded in August of 2008, the Muddy River Mashers is Bismarck area’s local homebrew club. With members from many cities and all walks of life, our range of expertise is from beginner to brewmaster and everything in between. Our philosophy is that homebrewing is a challenging but rewarding passion worth every moment from full brew kettle to empty bottle. We welcome anyone into our club, whether they just love beer or simply want to learn more about how it is made.

Because improving our knowledge of beer styles helps us become better brewers, we participate in a beer style of the month club tasting session. This allows us to try a wide array of examples from a specific style and decide how we would like to make it our own through homebrew. We also arrange demonstrations and workshops to teach members brewing techniques or how to make your own brewing equipment at home.

The rest of what makes us who we are is the fellowship and friendship we enjoy as we share our favorite brews, whether they’re from home or another brewery altogether.